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Marketing Post-Covid: Pat Courtemanche, Chief Marketing Officer at Dorsey & Whitney LLP

We ask Pat Courtemanche, Chief Marketing Officer at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, how the Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping marketing in the legal world. In this insightful conversation, we discuss why Covid-19 is accelerating the shift towards industry-based branding, how social change is helping companies focus on systemic racism, and the ways that marketing and business development interconnect in the legal industry.

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Marketing Post-Covid: Bob Graham, Executive Vice President at Facility Solutions Group

On this episode of the Cardwell Beach Marketing Podcast, we talk with Bob Graham, Executive President at Facility Solutions Group, about the future of marketing in a post-Covid-19 world. This episode dives into the ways that new technologies can meet the moment, the importance of communication in a decentralized business model, and how business travel might change after the pandemic.

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