The Car as a Service: Why Renting, Not Owning, is the New Frontier

brian Brian Erickson
When the Smart Car first appeared in the US in 2008, it raised some questions, perhaps the biggest being: would Americans used to trucks, sports...

Using marketing technology vs. being used by marketing technology

brian Brian Erickson
This week some of the most influential people in creative media, marketing, and advertising are all gathered together in one spot—Cannes—for the annual Cannes Lions...

Gracefully degrading your work

brian Brian Erickson
There's a web term you might not have heard before, although you would likely know it when you see it. It's called graceful degradation, and...

Volkswagen's Slow Recovery: An Update

brian Brian Erickson
We've spent a lot of time here talking about the ways Volkswagen can begin to recover from a catastrophic emissions cheating scandal—first in an analysis...

What photography can teach us in the digital age

brian Brian Erickson
To create something new requires making a series of decisions. When you're creating, all you are doing is deciding what to leave in or leave...
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