All Points North Lodge is a luxury behavioral health provider that attracts a high-end clientele seeking mental health support and treatment for substance use disorder. Located in a scenic Rocky Mountains facility, the program caters to individuals seeking the highest standard of care and amenities during their recovery.

The Challenge:

In Need of Quick Results

Backed by investors, All Points North Lodge had only a short time horizon to reach profitability in an extremely competitive industry. That’s why their executive team turned to us to support their paid campaigns.

At the same time, they faced challenges unique to their industry. This led to multiple layers of blindfolds and silos that had left them “”flying blind”” in previous paid campaigns. For example, a portion of the conversion path happened offline and, due to HIPAA regulations, they could not leverage traditional remarketing campaigns. These challenges—and more—left All Points North Lodge with an incomplete picture of their campaign performance.

The Solution:

Ethical Tactics, Lasting Impact

Because of the unique restrictions in place for All Points North Lodge paid campaigns, we had to make all campaigns as targeted and specific to each audience as possible. We also needed to ensure that we were reaching audiences across a variety of different platforms using marketing tactics that were ethical, measurable, and trustworthy.

This led us to create a multi-pronged strategy that incorporated paid advertising, website and landing page optimization, and customized strategies to address audiences in unconventional ways.

We needed to ensure that we were reaching audiences across a variety of different platforms using marketing tactics that were ethical, measurable, and trustworthy.


 Success With Smarter Campaigns

Given the limitations placed on our ad campaigns, we had to work strategically to amplify results for All Points North Lodge. That’s why we worked on multiple different projects at once, all driving towards a single growth goal.


In order to help All Points North Lodge succeed, we needed to ensure that all relevant touchpoints met the highest standard for brand continuity. This meant that their outdated and hard to navigate homepage needed a refresh. We approached this task with the same focus that we brought to the paid advertising campaigns, using their brand style guide to craft a new, more user-friendly online presence for the center. This visual approach would ultimately influence paid ad creative as well, making this a useful exercise for both the brand and its customers.

Display Ads

We needed to show All Points North Lodge was a luxury destination for high-quality behavioral health treatment, and we needed to do that in the limited space offered to us in an online display ad. This meant an emphasis on impactful copy, engaging visuals, and the use of a limited but powerful color palette connected with the brand. We also used HTML5 animations to make certain ads particularly eye-catching. During the campaigns, we tested a wide variety of creative executions to determine audience preference, including light and dark color schemes and indoor and outdoor imagery.

Landing Page/Email Drip

A key element of any successful paid advertising campaign is the webpage that users end up on when they click on an ad. Our landing pages were optimized for conversions, meaning users were given key information before being pointed towards phone numbers or online forms. This focus on conversions ensured that potential clients had enough information to pick up the phone or request a contact, but not so much information that they were distracted or overwhelmed and never completed the next step in their journey. To ensure we were offering the best possible experience, we tested different landing page layouts as well as details like headlines and calls to action. Last, we launched a multi-part email drip campaign to nurture potential clients who weren’t quite ready to commit.

Facebook Ads

As the world’s most popular social network, Facebook was an ideal destination for reaching people in need of help. But because Facebook attracted so many other competitors, we needed to think about ways to cut through the clutter and connect on a deeper level. To do so, we used elegant color overlays, rich location photography, and compelling narrative to drive users to inquire about treatment.