CXera is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that is seeking to reinvent the way companies think about the buyer’s journey online. CXera leadership includes sales and customer experience veterans with backgrounds at firms like SAP, Citrix, and Centrify.


While companies have traditionally invested heavily in the sales process, they have often overlooked the customer handoff from sales to customer service teams. CXera is making this—and other critical phases of the buyer’s journey—seamless and smooth through their unique Experience Site™ model. Now, marketers, sales executives, and customer experience teams can create digital Experience Sites for every step of the customer journey, ensuring their customers have all the resources, information, and guidance they need to become loyal users.

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The Challenge:

Stand Out in a SaaS Crowd

CXera asked us to help them develop a go-to-market strategy for their social media presence, including identifying which channels to use and how best to leverage their existing assets and content. In a crowded marketplace filled with SaaS solutions, we needed to help CXera stand out with a fresh voice and visual brand. Since major competitors like Salesforce were slowly consuming market share and room for smaller players, we needed to take a distinctive and memorable approach in order to carve out our own space on the social web.

The Solution:

Meet the Moose

We determined that we should use the company’s existing CXera Mike “spookesmoose” as a likeable mascot on social media. In terms of messaging, we prioritized offering helpful, jargon-free insights to businesses looking to evolve their digital customer experience. We also made the strategic decision to focus on a single social media channel—LinkedIn— to begin building an organic foundation, then expanding into paid creative.

We determined that we should use the company’s existing CXera Mike “spookesmoose” as a likeable mascot on social media.

The Creative: Thought Leaders and Problem Solvers

We worked with CXera leadership to strengthen their brand architecture, develop a new, compelling visual identity, and launch impactful social media campaigns that leveraged their existing content marketing efforts.

Brand Architecture and Messaging

Members of the CXera team had long been supporters of the Sales Enablement Society, an organization of thought leaders in sales and customer service with chapters around the country. We developed a new brand architecture for CXera that involved an ongoing sponsorship of the Community for Sales & Customer Enablement Professionals (found at, helping them produce and amplify more content in exchange for CXera promotion. In addition, we worked to create a brand architecture for CXera itself that could connect with multiple different audiences, from marketing teams to sales teams to customer experience departments.

Visual Branding

We built our social media visual presence around CXera Mike, making him the “face” of the brand. At the same time, we wanted to make CXera Mike into something useful that went beyond a typical mascot

To do so, we paired CXera Mike with informational placards that we used across LinkedIn. Each Monday, CXera Mike would ask insightful questions like, “Do your new customers cancel soon after sign-up?”” and “”Does your onboarding process create users or fans?”” and then offer hands-on advice. These weekly visual “nudges” were intended to help LinkedIn followers strategically approach their own digital customer experience and realize how CXera could help.

Social Media

We launched the CXera channel on LinkedIn with a multi-part posting strategy. Once per week, we would post CXera Mike with an insightful question or statement that would be immediately useful for digital businesses.

We would then follow up throughout the week with thought leadership, audio clips of the Sales Enablement podcast, and content from other channels we admired. Over time, we launched paid creative on LinkedIn to expand our reach and continue increasing brand awareness.

Community Collaboration

As part of their CXera sponsorship, we helped the Community for Sales & Customer Enablement Professionals promote their podcasts on LinkedIn. To do so, we created audio and video promotional “clips” of the podcast—visibly sponsored by CXera—for easy sharing and viewing on LinkedIn. We also worked with the thought leaders featured in the podcasts to promote and cross-post the content on their own LinkedIn channels.