PainScript is a HIPAA-compliant online platform that allows pain management and SUD providers to monitor their patients remotely using an easy-to-use smartphone application. The company is led by experienced healthcare professionals, including experts in the fields of pain management, anesthesiology, and hospital management. PainScript is supported by major investors who believe that their solution could revolutionize the way medical practices monitor and treat chronic care patients.

The Challenge:

PainScript partnered with us to prepare their brand to enter a crowded marketplace and to be able to compete with more established players.

The revitalized PainScript brand needed to clearly articulate what set their product apart while also explaining their technology in an easy-to-understand way. We needed to take extra care to explain the relevant technical details while demonstrating how PainScript was changing the way medical practices approach their work.

The Solution:

Ultimately we realized that to move PainScript into a leading brand, we couldn’t just tackle a single touchpoint. Instead we needed to focus on all the key channels that potential customers could access.

This meant redesigning and reformatting their existing website, rethinking their existing visual identity, and even designing and producing new collateral and event material for their sales teams. We worked with PainScript hand in hand to transform their brand so they could compete directly with more established companies in a crowded and competitive field.

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As part of our work with PainScript, we touched nearly every aspect of their brand, from their visual identity to their messaging to their web presence. Ultimately, our efforts helped them connect with their first generation of clients.


We started our work together by tackling a new PainScript logo mark. We worked closely with the sales and marketing leadership at PainScript on a series of logo iterations, ultimately choosing a clean and modern logo that reflected the company’s commitment to technology. Once we had a new logo chosen, we used the standardized color palette and design language to inform the new website and collateral.

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As a digital healthcare company, PainScript needed a website that reflected their technology-forward approach. That’s why we focused heavily on designing and writing website content that spoke to their key audiences and explained their product in a digestible way.

We understood that the key audiences that PainScript wanted to reach—busy medical practices treating chronic care patients—didn’t have time or bandwidth for complexity. As a result, we designed a site that could communicate the highlights of their product in minutes, while providing additional details for those who wanted to dive deeper.

Another key factor in designing the PainScript site was ensuring that their visual identity was carried forward from their new logo into their new digital presence. Our design team worked closely with the PainScript sales team to ensure a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints so that the brand felt cohesive and professional.