Bringing data to life

After launch, unique site visitors increased by almost 100%

Speedtest is one the Web’s leading destinations for measuring internet connectivity speeds.

Speedtest.net had a constantly evolving mountain of data that could help people determine their download, upload, and connectivity speeds. Unfortunately, the website Speedtest.net used to showcase the data (NetIndex) was completely inflexible, thereby rendering the data useless for Speedtest.net’s primary customers: Internet Service Providers, governments, and corporations.

Turning raw data into a feast for the eyes

We designed a breakthrough site that enabled users to access millions of pieces of ever-changing real-time data via customizable drag-and-drop data modules located on a single map screen. Our approach to the UI—fluid yet confined for maximum relevancy and control—represented a leap forward in how data is visualized.

A 100% increase in unique site visitors

After launch, unique site visitors increased by almost 100%, generating approximately 4.5 million speed tests per day. The site’s more robust capabilities were eventually placed behind a gate, allowing Speedtest.net to charge individual customers for access—creating an additional revenue stream for the brand.

  • Data Visualization