The Hercules Trophy

Gold medal in event marketing

An incredible US-attendee repeat rate of 88%

The Hercules Trophy is a day-long team-building and networking event featuring quirky physical challenges. It takes place annually in dozens of cities around the globe.

The Hercules Trophy—popular in Europe and the Middle East—was getting ready to stage its first event in the United States. The company lacked awareness in this new market and needed an idea that would resonate with first-year attendees, the majority of whom were small-business owners.

A big idea for small-business owners

Small-business owners are larger-than-life leaders. They are strivers who face challenges head-on but aren’t often acknowledged for their efforts. More than anything, they are action-oriented. So we developed the Action-Packed Business Day campaign, which utilized cheeky action-movie motifs, language, and imagery for all of the signage and collateral—everything from signage for the physical challenges themselves to directions to the bathrooms were branded accordingly.

Eager for the sequel…

The work made a huge impact online, organically garnering tens of thousands of likes, tweets, and blog mentions in a matter of days. And despite the actual event being a rain-drenched, overcast affair, our campaign helped our client secure an incredible US-attendee repeat rate of 88% for their second year.

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