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Tag: Customer Relationship Management

20 Minutes With…Shannon Eis, VP of Corporate Communications, Yelp

For users around the country (and increasingly across the globe), Yelp is an indispensable resource for finding places to eat and people to hire for a variety of services. We sat down with Shannon Eis, Yelp’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, to talk about the company’s commitment to its users and how that support extends […]

What's New in Marketing Technology For 2016

Just as it has in nearly all aspects of our personal and professional lives, technology has made a splash in the marketing world, too. Firms increasingly look to so-called “marketing technology” services to automate campaigns, increase conversion rates, and glean valuable data from analytics across platforms. So what will marketing technology look like in the […]

Blending Technology and Data in Modern Marketing: A Conversation with Kim Ann King, VP of Marketing at EiQ Networks

Kim Ann King serves as the VP of Marketing for EiQ Networks, where she oversees the company’s global marketing efforts. King was previously the Chief Marketing Officer of SiteSpect. An award-winning marketer, King is also the author of The Complete Guide to B2B Marketing. She tweets @kimannking. She spoke with us about best practices for […]

Insight of the Week: Marketing Is Both Internal and External

For many marketing professionals, it’s easy to focus on one target audience above all: the customer. After all, it’s customers that buy products and services, drive sales and revenue growth, and form the target audience for most marketing, right? New research from a team of American business schools indicates that a marketing professional may actually […]

The Power of Gratitude: Macy's and Thanksgiving

Macy’s launched its first Thanksgiving day parade 89 years ago featuring employees strutting down 34th Street amid floats and zoo animals on loan from Central Park—the precursor to today’s event, with its two dozen marching bands and more than 20 helium-filled floats. In many ways, it’s a branding spectacular, as companies fill the skies with […]
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