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4 Articles on the Distributed Workplace

As many of us hustle home for a mid-week Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a good time to revisit the growing trend of the distributed workplace, a model which many firms-including Cardwell Beach-have turned to for maximum employee flexibility. But with a workforce scattered across time zones and office spaces, technology and new office policies are increasingly […]

Fluid Versus Rigid: Organizing Your Marketing Team

Download our customizable org chart template here.    So far on the Cardwell Beach blog, we’ve covered key questions to ask when putting together a new marketing team and ways to visualize and structure that team. Today, we’ll look at another aspect of a high-performing team: the roles and responsibilities of each team member that […]

Resources to Create a Digital Marketing Org Chart for 2016

Download our customizable org chart template here.    Organizational Structure We’ve seen a number of recommendations on different org structures, but Hubspot’s is definitely the best. There are 7 fresh approaches to the marketing org chart in today’s fully digital world, and the best part is each one is based on interviews with real Chief Marketing Officers […]
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