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Building a Marketing Tech Roadmap: A Conversation with Mitch Rose, Senior VP of Marketing at Billtrust

With the multitude of marketing technology resources available moving toward 2016, a well-conceived roadmap has never been more crucial. Building a marketing technology stack from the growing number of options available‚ÄĒfrom 100 software choices back in 2011 to 1,876 and counting in 2015‚ÄĒmeans navigating a crowded landscape and harnessing ever-increasing amounts of data. What should […]

Who's Practicing Sales Enablement?

I had a conversation with Craig Nelson of the Sales Enablement Group¬†because I wanted to get a clearer picture about what type of organizations were practicing sales enablement.¬†I opened up the conversation to the LinkedIn community a few weeks back and got some very interesting perspectives. Here’s the link to¬†the conversation ¬†on LinkedIn. Here are […]

Why Sales Enablement?

I recently had the opportunity to interview Craig Nelson of Sales Enablement Group. I asked him why the trend of sales enablement has really taken off in the past few years. Why sales enablement? Why now? I also opened the conversation up to the wider LinkedIn community and there are some really great opinions came […]
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