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How to Use Livestreaming As An Audience Growth Tool

With the rise of on-demand services, today’s consumers have learned to want more from brands, including rapid delivery, stellar service, and one-of-a-kind offerings at affordable prices. They have similarly high expectations for marketing, demanding creative, thoughtful, interactive and engaging campaigns worth their time. For brands looking to grow their audiences, how can they reach consumers […]

What photography can teach us in the digital age

To create something new requires making a series of decisions. When you’re creating, all you are doing is deciding what to leave in or leave out. And it takes discipline to leave the right stuff out. That’s why I love photography. There is no purer constraint than a photo frame. Recently I met someone on […]

Q&A: Mark Cardwell and Dave Donars on the Magic of Analytics

I sat down with Dave Donars, Chief of Research at Cardwell Beach, who asked me some fundamental questions about analytics recently, a topic that we both are passionate about and have devoted considerable time to researching and understanding. Measuring statistics around traffic, usage, and interaction are key for so many businesses, but there are other […]

What's New in Marketing Technology For 2016

Just as it has in nearly all aspects of our personal and professional lives, technology has made a splash in the marketing world, too. Firms increasingly look to so-called “marketing technology” services to automate campaigns, increase conversion rates, and glean valuable data from analytics across platforms. So what will marketing technology look like in the […]
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