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Tag: Process

Podcasts Are Underserved: An Update

Earlier this year, we looked into the ways that podcasts are a rarity in today’s digital media landscape: an underserved digital niche. Indeed, while it seems like every other form of digital media has a robust ecosystem supporting it—from the boom in streaming music services to the myriad outlets for digital video—podcasts remain the sometimes […]

Q&A: David Maldonado on Lead Generation Principles

For any sales or outreach strategy to work effectively, companies need a core base of solid leads. As a member of the development team at Cardwell Beach, I’ve implemented lead generation plans across the web. I sat down with Matt Hansen to talk about best practices for generating quality leads that can make a difference […]

Insight of the Week: The Power of the Network

There’s a scene in HBO’s “Silicon Valley” that parodies our economy’s love affair with social networks. At pitch after pitch, hopeful young tech entrepreneurs proclaim their company to be “so, lo, mo” or “mo, lo, so,” eventually tripping over their words entirely in a jumble of acronyms. What they are trying to say is the […]
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