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Tag: Process

Q&A: Mike Beach on Why Constant Change is a Business Necessity

We talk weekly with members of the Cardwell Beach team about strategy, marketing, and sales techniques. This week, Matt Hansen interviewed Mike Beach about the important role that change plays in business success and how Cardwell Beach has evolved since its early days. Q: Why do you feel that the idea of change is so […]

Q&A: My Ever-Evolving Quest for Work-Life Balance

Each week a member of the of the Cardwell Beach team sits down to talk about the newest in marketing, sales, design, and teamwork. This week Matt Hansen interviews me about balancing my role as Account Manager at Cardwell Beach with being a working mom of three. I first made the decision to bring balance […]

The Design Process (part 1): Discovery and Research

Everyone wants to see tangible results as quickly as possible; no one wants to start with the abstract. It would be a lot more fun to dive right in and start building a house, but any skilled contractor will refuse to start the project before having a clear understanding of the land’s title, the stability […]

You Don't Want Mockups Too Soon

A lot of design firms present mockups with their proposals, and in theory this can seem impressive, like the designer really cares about your project. And let’s be honest, seeing your logo on a shiny new website or brochure is the most exciting part of the process! But several glaring issues can come about as a […]

The Proof is in Your Process

Prospective clients probably trust that you have solved a few problems — maybe even a few within their industry. They’ve seen your relevant case studies accompanied by a few well-known company logos and testimonials from clients that are happy to vouch for your abilities. But prospective clients want more: they want to know that you […]
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