Healthcare Is Human

From Technology to Treatment, This Industry Runs on Trust

In an age of unparalleled medical progress, why does skepticism persist?

Perhaps it’s because healthcare, more than any other field, exposes our deepest vulnerabilities. It’s the soft, steady thud of an individual’s hopes, fears, and fragility that sets the rhythm for the entire system.

From gleaming hospitals to AI labs, there’s a profound responsibility to always protect this fragility. With impossibly high stakes and a razor-thin margin for error, individuals and organizations are asked to make rapid, consequential decisions.

And brands? When the stakes are impossibly high, you’ve got one job: prove you’re worthy of trust. Fast.

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BC Asset

At Cardwell Beach, we partnered with BlueCrest Recovery Center to enhance their brand visibility and digital presence. As a leading New Jersey-based recovery center offering extensive outpatient treatment for addiction and substance use, BlueCrest faced the challenge of a low-impact brand despite having a loyal client base.


Redesigned and Relaunched the Website

We overhauled BlueCrest's website, aligning its design and content with their treatment philosophy.


Ongoing SEO Improvements

We implemented comprehensive SEO strategies, including regular blogging and technical optimizations, to boost organic search performance.


Branded Podcast

We launched and managed a branded podcast for BlueCrest, showcasing their unique approach.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We significantly increased traffic to the new website and landing pages through coordinated PPC and social media campaigns.

These efforts led to a 1609% annual increase in organic traffic, a 46% reduction in CPA within six months, a 989% increase in mobile traffic, a 120% rise in conversion rate, a 489% increase in new site visitors over six months, and over 40,000 podcast plays. This collaboration exemplifies our ability to revitalize and enhance a brand's digital presence in a competitive marketplace.

LRF Asset

We collaborated with the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF) to redefine their brand positioning, emphasizing research, expertise, and humanity as the cornerstones of their patient care and insights. LRF aims to change perspectives on lymphoma, reshaping the way people perceive the disease and its 100+ subtypes. Our work includes brand positioning, digital campaigns, and print collateral development.


Brand Repositioning

LRF rebranded for a unified identity that appeals to various groups, including patients, caregivers, and medical experts.


Audience Insights

Through research and sentiment analysis, we understood diverse audience perceptions of LRF.


Creative Testing

Implemented data-driven strategies to align LRF's brand and creative execution with target audiences.


Digital Strategy

Our campaigns used clinical and human imagery with inspirational messages to effectively communicate LRF's mission.


Print Materials

Developed empathetic, clean print content for medical settings, maintaining LRF's offline outreach.

By focusing on changing perspectives on lymphoma and leveraging data-driven approaches, we're propelling LRF toward new heights. Early momentum and positive feedback from diverse audiences are promising signs of success, and we're excited about the ongoing collaboration, which enhances our creative testing and market alignment capabilities. Together, we are committed to raising LRF's profile and making a meaningful impact in the fight against lymphoma.

PS Asset

PainScript is a HIPAA-compliant platform for remote patient monitoring, led by healthcare experts and backed by major investors.


Building Trust and Awareness

  • We developed a distinct logo and brand guidelines to establish a memorable visual identity.
  • Leveraged micro-influencers and thought leaders to share valuable content.
  • Utilized podcasts for engaging with prospects.

Nets, Seeds, and Spears Approach

  • Seeds: Created shareable content to build credibility.
  • Nets: Launched targeted LinkedIn campaigns to engage medical professionals.
  • Spears: Implemented marketing automation for high-value leads.

PainScript's strategic initiatives paid off. They boosted trust and awareness through micro-influencers and thought leaders. Podcasts engaged prospects effectively. The "Nets, Seeds, and Spears" approach balanced awareness and lead generation. LinkedIn campaigns reached medical professionals, and marketing automation nurtured leads. PainScript solidified its credibility and relationships, enhancing trust and prospects.