New Jersey-based BlueCrest Recovery Center is a leading treatment center for people in recovery from addiction and substance use across the tri-state area. BlueCrest provides three levels of outpatient treatment plus “wraparound” services including case management, aftercare programs, professional interventions, and Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT). They help thousands of people achieve sobriety each year.

Key Results


ANNUAL growth in organic traffic


Reduced CPA In 6-months
(Cost Per Acquisition)


Annual Increase In Mobile Traffic


Increase In
Conversation Rate


6-month increase in new visitors to the site


Podcast Plays

The Challenge:

Loyal Clients, Low Impact Brand

BlueCrest reached out to us to enhance the visibility of their brand across the East Coast. Upon digging deeper, we found they had a highly loyal, engaged, and passionate client base. Many program alumni felt that their time at BlueCrest had fundamentally changed their lives.

One reason for these impressive results was that BlueCrest remained committed to a recovery approach grounded in evidence-based treatment and peer support. This meant that BlueCrest was the perfect fit for people seeking a structured approach but not a “one size fits all” program.

When we first began working together, the BlueCrest brand didn’t reflect this commitment to client outcomes. In a crowded marketplace in the New York City area, BlueCrest was a well-respected but lesser-known entry.

The Solution:

World-Class Treatment With a Point of View

Many behavioral health programs attempt to be “all things to all people.” BlueCrest, by contrast, was willing to take a firm approach to their treatment philosophy. We felt that their brand should showcase this thinking through clear messaging, clean design, and positioning as a thought leader in the industry.

We felt that their brand should showcase their treatment philosophy through clear messaging, clean design, and positioning as a thought leader.

For example, rather than shy away from their strong commitment to peer recovery, we encouraged them to make this a positive selling point instead. The new BlueCrest brand would be vocal about its treatment approach, ethics, approach, and beliefs, even if they stood apart from other more conventional providers in the space.

The Creative:

Strong Brand, Strong Perspective, Strong Outcomes

Redesigned and
relaunched website

We created an entirely new look and feel for the BlueCrest website, restructured and reorganized the site content, and worked closely with BlueCrest staff to ensure the messaging reflected their treatment philosophy.

Ongoing search engine
optimization (SEO)

To improve the brand’s visibility, we worked on a series of in-depth SEO improvements, including monthly blog content, thought leadership, and technical fixes that greatly improved organic search performance.

Branded Podcast

As another way to showcase what makes BlueCrest different, we helped launch their official podcast, handling everything from pre-production planning to production assistance, livestreaming, on-screen graphics, and promotion.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

We drove record amounts of traffic to the new BlueCrest website and newly-created landing pages through coordinated PPC and social media advertising across search engines and platforms like Facebook and Instagram.