Brooklyn-based Cartridge Evolution was founded in 2010 and now remanufactures more than 5 million inkjet cartridges per year. Using custom machinery and eco-friendly innovation, the company restores cartridges to peak performance and ensures compatibility and quality standards. Cartridges that don’t meet standards are properly recycled to ensure they don’t end up in landfills. We worked with their executive leadership to continue to “close the loop” on ink cartridges in the New York City area.

The Challenge:

Shifting the Focus to Local

New Yorkers are busy—but they always have time to recycle. With recycling programs becoming the norm citywide, Cartridge Evolution wanted to remind city residents that they could recycle their common household inkjet cartridges, too. Even better, they wanted people to understand how simple the cartridge recycling process could be. By tapping into communities across the five boroughs, Cartridge Evolution could recycle thousands more cartridges annually while challenging big box retailers that threatened local businesses.

The Solution:

Changing Behavior, Raising Awareness

Cartridge Evolution is committed to developing products that are environmentally friendly, reliable, and cost-effective. To help Cartridge Evolution showcase their remanufacturing prowess to a larger audience, we needed to get a firm grasp on the market and buyer personas, so we conducted a business analysis.

First, we studied their competitors. Market research offered a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing cartridge recycling companies nationwide. We also looked at New York’s own recycling programs, focusing on both their success and where they struggled to achieve greater community awareness.

In order to determine how best to convince people in the New York region to get more engaged with inkjet recycling, we surveyed New York City residents and discovered that the people who did recycle mostly used big-box retailers.

To make recycling locally more appealing and easier, we worked with Cartridge Evolution on a multi-step approach that tackled their web presence, visual brand, and recycling guidelines.

In order to determine how best to convince people to get more engaged with inkjet recycling, we surveyed New York City residents and discovered that the people who did recycle mostly used big-box retailers.

The Creative: Come Recycle With Us

In an effort to change behavior and raise awareness, we redesigned the Cartridge Evolution website to make it more consumer-friendly, refreshed their logo, enhanced their search results, and put together a consumer how-to guide for recycling inkjet cartridges. Last, we created a charitable campaign with donations to organizations that were supplying PPE supplies for first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Website Redesign

We redesigned the Cartridge Evolution website to create a digital experience that was more consumer-friendly, with a strong emphasis on the company’s commitment to an innovative recycling process. In addition to a redesigned logo, we made the site easy to navigate, with minimal scrolling and a unified theme throughout. As a result, the content is quick, engaging, and easy to digest.

Search Engine Optimization

To change minds and behaviors—the goal behind this campaign—we needed to make sure Cartridge Evolution’s mission and work was seen by as many eyes as possible. Our research showed that people were actively recycling their inkjet cartridges but didn’t always know where to turn locally. We helped connect New Yorkers with easy-to-use guidelines on how to recycle inkjet cartridges in their area.

Starter Guide

When in doubt, we believe in making messaging as easy as possible to understand. By simplifying complexities, our clients stand a much better chance of reaching their goals. This inkjet cartridge recycling guide mirrors the logo and website rebrand in its design and messaging. It’s also simple to follow and user-friendly, another nod to the rebrand and an asset for acquiring new customers.