Financial Solutions for an Underserved Community

Reached target goals for app downloads, number of money transfers, and amount of money transferred ahead of schedule.

Chapulín creates financial-tech products for US Hispanics who are underserved by the traditional banking system. 

Chapulín had several patents in the fin-tech space to help people transfer money online to Latin America and South America. In addition, their targeted demographic (recent Hispanic immigrants who send money to family and friends in their native countries) were searching for better online money-transfer options. The organic increase of consumer demand for the kinds of tools that the company was developing presented a wealth of opportunity for the brand. However, Chapulín faced several challenges: their pre-paid credit card was difficult for consumers to obtain, their Mobile Transfers App needed design help, and their parent company had no online presence. In essence, they had good fundamentals in place that couldn’t deliver on their potential because of marketing and operations challenges.

Spearheading marketing efforts and operations improvements

We needed to show how Chapulín’s online tools can save people time and money (practical, everyday concerns) and prove that the brand understands the unique hopes shared by recent immigrants (the possibility of a more secure future for family members in the US and abroad).

After revising the overall branding, we began improving the online customer experience and overall communication through a variety of efforts:

  • Assisted in the interface re-design of Chapulín’s Mobile Transfers App.
  • Created a new landing page for Oak Financial Corp., Chapulín’s parent company, to build credibility with consumers and investors.
  • Created a new landing page for Chapulín’s pre-paid credit card to make it easier for customers to obtain a card and to showcase Chapulín’s connection to MasterCard.
  • Wrote a TV spot featuring Chapulín’s official ambassador, Argentine soccer star Damián Álvarez.
  • Optimized existing, and created new, PPC efforts to drive app downloads.
  • Created a host of social efforts for Facebook to boost app downloads and form a deeper connection to consumers.

Reaching target goals ahead of schedule

In less than three months, we reached our target goals for app downloads, number of money transfers, and amount of money transferred. And we reached these goals a full four weeks before deadline.

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Responsive Website

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App

  • TV Spot