WSG is a leader in cloud-based financial software for project-oriented enterprises, having pioneered powerful, easy-to-use solutions for time, expense, PTO, and resource management across industries through their Empire SUITE. Their products support an array of verticals including professional service providers in accounting, management, and IT consulting, as well as internal corporate service providers such as IT and HR departments.

The Challenge:

Attracting SMBs

Most businesses would jump at the chance to serve international companies such as Deloitte, Global Resource Solutions (GRS), or Leidos — three of WSG’s powerhouse customers. But for small to midsized businesses, following in the footsteps of giants can feel daunting. And while it seems obvious that smaller organizations should mimic larger players, their needs are rarely comparable. We wanted to connect small to medium-sized companies with Empire SUITE’s products and prove that these solutions would work well for their needs, as well.

The Solution:

Redesign, Then Refocus

In order to expand Empire SUITE’s footprint beyond its core customers, we needed to establish a solid foundation. We knew we had to create a visual brand that was a stronger representation of the Empire SUITE at work, making a website redesign mandatory.

We approached the redesign project from two perspectives: first, we upgraded and modernized the visuals, using bright, engaging colors, graphics, and screenshots. From there, we retooled the messaging to focus on how Empire SUITE is scalable, adaptable, and smart. We focused more on how the software could provide seamless workflows and more affordable outcomes no matter an organization’s size or head count.

Once we had this firm foundation in place, we focused on retargeting ads and banners, purpose-driven landing pages, data-driven SEO, updated collateral, and impactful trade show graphics.

In order to expand Empire SUITE’s footprint beyond its core customers, we needed to establish a solid foundation.


Creating An Adaptable Brand

We rebuilt the foundation of the Empire SUITE brand by focusing on the products and audiences within the software suite. Our underlying goal was to showcase how the products made workflow easier and saved time, regardless of company size.

Website Redesign and Relaunch

We decided that a company which pledged to “simplify your workflow” should have a simplified, user-friendly web presence. While the previous Empire SUITE site was visually appealing, the overall structure lacked clarity, simplicity, and easy-to-grasp content, especially with multiple service lines and products. We believed the new site needed to showcase how the products could be applied within key industries by companies of all sizes. As a result, we showcased Empire SUITE as a SaaS offering that was scalable, flexible, and designed to boost results for all types of companies.

Retargeting Ads

With a redesigned website in hand, we made a strong push for improved lead generation. To do so, we created a series of retargeting ad campaigns through Google, keeping the designs and messaging simple and on-brand. These ads reached users who had previously visited the Empire SUITE site or had researched WSG software in the past.

Product Landing Pages

Digital ads can be wasted unless they point the user to a resource that aligns with their expectations. A good landing page must also mirror the company’s branding and purpose. We tackled entirely new dedicated landing pages that prioritized demo sign-ups, making the ad campaign instantly actionable for the WSG sales team.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation

Even after the new site launch, we worked behind the scenes to continue to refine site content. With an eye towards search engine optimization, we launched an on-site blog and created informative content directed towards common patient questions. At the same time, we optimized each site page for search engine performance and tracked analytics to stay ahead of the competition.


With any successful redesign, it’s critical that the new voice, tone, and branding is consistent across all company touchpoints. We ensured that the updated Empire SUITE messaging was reflected across ads, landing pages, and web presences. We also developed printed collateral that sales teams could use at conferences and in-person sales presentations.

Trade Show Graphics

The need for consistent branding across all Empire SUITE assets was particularly important for their busy trade show season, when they would have guaranteed viewers and visitors thanks to increased traffic. We kept our messaging clean and approachable, focusing on “better, simple, easy” as the key theme for our trade show graphics. The design we created was comfortable, approachable, and engaging, making small and medium-sized businesses at the top of the sales funnel eager to learn more.