Brilliant results

Generating millions in new revenue.

FSG is one of the nation’s largest single-source providers of lighting and electrical services and products.

FSG had observed a significant source of revenue emerge from helping utility companies in the Northeastern US implement their Energy Rebate Programs. Following their success in this market, FSG wanted to expand their efforts nationally, so they needed innovative ways to position themselves as a valuable partner to prospective utility companies.

Substituting field experience with reliable data

We observed that utility company administrators had a lack of field knowledge, yet they were responsible for determining where rebate programs should be implemented. This left them making decisions based largely on guesswork. If FSG could solve this problem, it would save utility companies millions of dollars, making FSG an invaluable company with whom they could partner.

FSG ships over 100,000 light bulbs per month nationwide, so we designed an application that analyzed all of FSG’s shipping data. With access to FSG’s data via an interactive map interface, utility company administrators could see the areas of the country with the highest concentrations of older technology vs newer technology, enabling them to better determine where implementing their energy rebate programs would be most effective.

Turning data into dollars

The tool generated immense interest from utility companies across the nation, thereby giving FSG an advantage when utility companies release RFPs for projects. The exposure has helped FSG generate millions in new revenue.

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