Since its founding in 1982, Facility Solutions Group (FSG) has grown from a small lighting distributor in San Antonio, Texas, to one of the nation’s largest lighting distributors and electrical contractors. Today, FSG employs more than 2,000 people nationwide and works with more than 1,000 affiliate vendors across the country. We worked closely with FSG during the COVID-19 pandemic to help schools, public facilities, and small businesses safely reopen to the public.

Key Results


return on ad spend
within 90 days


average price point


ratio of leads
to closed sales


rapid pivot from product
to campaign launch

The Challenge:

Simplifying complexities, improving access

Driven by necessity born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, FSG saw the importance of pivoting and making complicated technology accessible so businesses could reopen. The FSG team gave us access to valuable in-house educational content and research studies into disinfection technology. Our role was to make that content accessible and easy to follow for regular consumers. We worked alongside the FSG team to simplify concepts such as the UV light spectrum and NPBI technology to help bridge the gap between experts and audience. Our goal was to make this technology understandable so that more communities could safely reopen.

The Solution:

Technology to reopen doors

FSG is understandably proud of its Around the Nation, Around the Corner philosophy, which combines the resources of a national service provider with the heart of a local business. We harnessed that perspective as the foundation for the discovery process while creating a plan for FSG.

As part of this process, we explored the pain points for small businesses and community organizations including gyms, restaurants, and schools. With limited resources and time, these organizations were already stretched thin prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the added challenge of pandemic restrictions, we knew these businesses needed an effective and affordable solution to help keep their employees and patrons safe. And the leadership of these organizations needed to understand—quickly and efficiently—the essence of FSG’s disinfection technology and how it could help them reopen their doors.

Ultimately, we developed messaging that helped simplify the complexities of FSG’s services and technology to better align with the needs of vital local businesses and community organizations.

Our goal was to connect school districts, gyms, restaurants, and small businesses with FSG’s products to help them safely reopen their doors during a pandemic.

THE CREATIVE: Empower customers through clarity

Throughout all our work, we wanted to empower FSG’s customers and prospects to learn more about technology so they could make informed decisions about the future of their business. Our two main deliverables included:

Retargeting Ads

We recognized the value of connecting with people who had previously visited the FSG site, so we launched the company’s first-ever digital advertising campaign targeting site visitors who had already researched their product line. The goal was to drive this target audience to a series of landing pages where visitors could access educational materials that simplified FSG’s complex technology. We wanted this ad campaign to clearly show how FSG’s products were a vital tool in helping businesses reopen their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Landing Page Design & Development

The client had no shortage of high-quality educational and research material, but this content needed to be strategically structured to make it easily accessible to non-technical audiences. In the landing pages we created, we started with a clear explanation and used demonstration videos and easy-to-follow text to answer commonly asked questions about how disinfection technology worked and how, in many cases, small busineses could pay for the products with government relief funding.