Dr. Jamie Sands is one of the most popular cosmetic and general dentists in Los Angeles. She brings a precise technical ability, a thorough and artistic perspective, attention to detail, and a welcoming approach to every patient at her practice. Her expertise spans several areas, including dental implants, porcelain veneers, joint pain reduction, and Invisalign, of which she is a certified provider.

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The Challenge:

Broadening Her LA Appeal

Dr. Sands’ cosmetic dentistry expertise and well-deserved reputation have made her a popular practitioner among wealthy Los Angeles clients and some of Hollywood’s most notable people. She’s spent more than two decades building a successful dental practice and a distinguished reputation. Yet she wanted to show that her expertise and abilities could be applied to a broad audience, not just a high-end clientele.

The Solution:

Brightening The Brand

Dr. Sands came to Cardwell Beach with a broad mandate for a new brand approach. We started by refreshing her visual brand to reflect the clean, modern style of her Southern California surroundings. We needed to merge the laidback SoCal experience with her highly-sought-after dental abilities, resulting in a sophisticated yet inviting business identity.

Since Dr. Sands is also an educator and community volunteer, we wanted to ensure that the brand also reflected the warm, welcoming, and supportive side of her practice, including the lasting connections she establishes with her patients.

We started with an overhaul of her brand and website, then updated her office signage, revamped her social media presence, and launched new lead generation campaigns. Informing it all was messaging like “freshen your smile” that didn’t rely on typical dentist jargon.

We needed to merge the laidback SoCal experience with her highly-sought-after dental abilities, resulting in a sophisticated yet inviting business identity.


Sophisticated Yet Approachable Identity

We crafted the visual identity and messaging of Dr. Sands’ new brand to align with the needs of her diverse patient community. While we simplified dental concepts to make them more approachable, we always kept the overall tone sophisticated yet conversational.

Visual Redesign

We wanted the rebrand of Dr. Sands’ practice to reflect her welcoming approach to patient care and the comfortable mood she established in her dental office. As a result, every component needed to be elegant and approachable without feeling bland. We used a vibrant and contemporary color palette, including blue, a color commonly associated with healthcare. Yet we softened the blue hue to teal, blending the color scheme with the decor of her office. As a result, her visual identity was present both in-person and digitally.

Landing Pages

Once we had established a refreshed brand, we turned our attention to geotargeting and lead generation campaigns around the Los Angeles area. We funneled interested people to landing pages featuring educational content focused on their dental needs. Over time, by carefully measuring results, we were able to finetune messaging and channels to engage an even wider audience. Across social media and paid search, we empowered prospective patients to make informed decisions about their dental health.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation

Dr. Sands arrived with a solid collection of her own work, including a series of TV appearances she had made on popular local shows and national franchise programs. Our task, then, was to get prospective patients to engage with her content. Our SEO team focused on driving traffic to her revamped web presence and ensuring that traffic arrived at the appropriate pages that met their needs.

Print Campaign

Dr. Sands is deeply passionate about her work, and we tapped into that commitment during the branding phase. In addition to being a successful dentist, she is an educator at USC, a volunteer at The Children’s Dental Center, and a recognizable authority on local TV. When it came time to showcase Dr. Sands in print, it was a no-brainer to feature Dr. Sands herself in her advertising.