My3Square, a sister company of behavioral health provider Columbus Park, offers individual and group meal support via videoconference for those who can’t easily make it into their New York City office. They create supportive, inclusive environments where anyone can feel welcome, safe, valued, and understood. They’ve been providing expert, evidence-based treatment for eating disorders to all ages and genders for more than a decade.

The Challenge:

Reaching people at a challenging moment

Because of in-person restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, My3Square lead therapist and founder Melissa Gerson, LCSW, decided to host free virtual meal support sessions featuring a lineup of well-known guest speakers that anyone around the world could access and watch.

These “virtual meals” would give people a chance to join Melissa and her guest on YouTube or Facebook so they could have a live meal together, mirroring the pre-pandemic, in-person sessions. Because My3Square didn’t have an extensive social media experience, we needed to help drive attendance at these virtual sessions.

The Solution:

Harnessing social media for good

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, My3Square provided virtual therapeutic meals alongside therapists, dietitians, influencers, researchers and other guests who shared their personal recovery stories. Because these sessions promoted eating together as a community, we suggested branding them as “Meet and Eat Together” opportunities.

A sense of fellowship was the driving force behind these sessions, so we turned to social media platforms that were able to support virtual gatherings and online groups. Ultimately, Facebook and YouTube featured the best options for broadening the My3Square audience and increasing participation in their virtual programs.

To help boost attendance, we launched a series of weekly promotional posts on Facebook focused on the Meet and Eat Together sessions and the value of these virtual face-to-face experiences.

Since we had helped My3Square launch their brand, logo, and website prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had added insight into ways to improve their content and SEO results while promoting this important free service.

A sense of fellowship was the driving force behind these sessions, so we turned to social media platforms that were able to support virtual gatherings and online groups.


Extending a virtual helping hand

To connect these virtual sessions with the people who needed them, we developed a cohesive plan that incorporated visual design, social media strategy, video and audio content, and paid promotion.

Website Redesign and Relaunch

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked closely with My3Square to create consistent branding and unified messaging that connected with individuals seeking care for eating disorders. The modern, clean brand identity we developed for My3Square extended seamlessly from print to digital, strengthening the brand’s appeal and reputation in a busy behavioral health marketplace. This foundation helped us greatly when we launched the Meet and Eat Together sessions, ensuring we had firm brand fundamentals on which to build a larger promotional strategy.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Creation

To ensure successful search engine optimization, we first tested the My3Square site to identify and correct any technical issues. During this process, we looked for—and then fixed—errors such as broken links, missing header tags, and ineffective title tags to make the site fully optimized. Then we developed a content strategy to provide livestreaming support for Melissa’s virtual sessions, promote the resulting video content, and continue to improve the My3Square search engine results by driving desired traffic from key audiences.

Livestreaming Video Series

With video such a critical outlet for My3Square during the pandemic and beyond, we wanted to ensure that they were using every possible resource at their disposal to connect with people struggling with eating disorders. Using Facebook and YouTube as our foundation, we developed livestreamed content and a smart, targeted video advertising campaign to help My3Square reach a global audience and strengthen their brand identity and recognition.