When Protes Foods was founded in 2013 in Brooklyn, NY, cofounder Krik Angacian’s mission was to create the world’s premier protein snacks. Their first product line was Protes protein chips, baked and made from pea protein isolate. The products are vegan, Non-GMO Project certified, gluten-free, all-natural, and kosher. These healthier protein alternatives make it easier and tastier to maintain a balanced diet.

The Challenge:

Most people associate dietary protein supplements with bulky weightlifters, gym visits, and post-workout shakes. That’s understandable, considering the marketing push surrounding protein’s ability to boost strength and metabolism while helping you maintain weight loss. Most people also hear “protein” and think of men.

These were the two biggest hurdles in our efforts to help Protes engage with a wider audience, including non-gym goers and women. Since Protes products are unique in the snack-food market, we set out to make them more accessible to more people.

The Solution:

Protes was creating foods that people were already eating, including traditional snacks like chips and popcorn, but making them tastier and healthier with an added boost of protein. Their lineup of easy-to-eat foods included a variety of fun flavors, and the Protes team felt they were ready to branch out into non-traditional markets.

By redirecting focus away from gym rats and appealing to people who wouldn’t define themselves as fitness fans, we aimed to connect with groups that might be turned off by the hypermasculine vibe of many protein products.

To start, we overhauled the Protes brand to be more approachable and accessible. We also redesigned and revamped their website and social media presence and strategized methods for Protes to position new products. Finally, we created a series of thank you cards to strengthen the company’s connection with new customers.

The Work:

By tapping into a shift that’s happening within the fitness community, we helped Protes appeal to a larger audience that craved a balance between strength training and everyday wellbeing.

Website Design & Launch

As soon as visitors landed on the redesigned Protes website, they were greeted with vibrant visuals and simple messaging that appeals to “real people.” Echoing the clear, bright visual desing of the new product packaging, the website created a consistent brand experience throughout the entire digital journey. This led us to create a site that was easy to navigate and easy to digest. With fun and fresh flavors came a fresh new website design.

Thank You Cards

When was the last time a brand reached out and thanked you for your first purchase with an actual card? To help the new Protes brand identity, we designed thank you cards featuring engaging messaging, bright visuals, and limited-time promotions. The conversational tone invited customers to interact with the brand, while social media callouts provided a new space to continue the conversation.