Building sophisticated sales tools

Effectively eliminating operational bottlenecks.

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate comprised of various subsidies spanning numerous industries, one of which is Samsung LED.

Samsung LED’s sales team had no integrated mechanism to record transactions with wholesale buyers who wanted product samples. This led to a partitioning of information, which created three distinct problems: redundancies in prospective client outreach, territorial disputes among salespeople, and crippling inefficiencies in getting samples to buyers.

Creating smarter tools that generate real-time insights

Samsung needed a smart information-collating framework that helped facilitate sales efforts, so we created a multi-platform pipeline tool that records transactions as they’re being made. With this tool, the entire salesforce and all of the distribution centers can easily view real-time information about who is selling what to whom and when.

New insights = no bottlenecks

With easy access to real-time data, our tool enabled Samsung’s sales team to generate new insights about their buyers’ needs and their own ability to meet those needs. This newfound capability eliminated redundancies; ended territorial disputes among the salesforce; and guaranteed interested buyers quick, efficient, and accurate transactions.

Within a few weeks after launch, the tool had effectively eliminated Samsung LED’s operational bottlenecks.

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