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Tag: Startups

Is Adversity the Business Model of the Future?

Traditionally, American culture has aspired towards the finer things in life, leisure time and luxury goods among them. But increasingly, basking in luxury is no longer top priority for a growing class of consumers. These happiness hunters are looking away from consumer goods and towards a less quantifiable asset: a sense of accomplishment from overcoming […]

Are Snapchats More Memorable?

As we discussed on our podcast last week, Snapchat has an advantage over other social media networks, and it’s inherent to the product: “snaps”, as the ephemeral messages are known, disappear. Sure, technically you can capture an image of your smartphone screen to preserve a snap for posterity, but with the average Snapchat user receiving […]

Fostering Sales and Marketing Collaboration: A Conversation with Bob Heiss of Sandler Training

After a distinguished career as a sales leader, Bob Heiss now trains executives across industries on business development fundamentals with Sandler Training. This week he sits down with us to talk about the intractable debate between sales and marketing teams within organizations and how that traditional divide is slowly fading with advances in data-driven and […]

Marketing a Problem-Solving Technology: A Conversation with Randy Drawas, Chief Marketing Officer at Samanage

Randy Drawas is the Chief Marketing Officer at Samanage, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service company that helps firms manage their internal processes, with a special focus on IT. Drawas sat down with us to talk about the way cloud computing is changing our work lives, why technology has to directly solve customers’ problems, and the three questions […]
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