4 Articles on Branding Insights to Read This Week

Every week, we turn over our reading lists to help share some of the web’s best writing on marketing and business. This week, we’re looking at the perennial marketing topic of building and nurturing a brand, and the surprising changes (and industries) that are reshaping the term.

Techno-brands: Companies like Tesla and Sonos have a lot going for them: high-end customers, innovative technology and market goodwill. But, according to this analysis from the Harvard Business Review, they have something else, too— status as pioneers of “brandtech,” that special confluence of technology and branding that inspires customers and energizes the market. (Read more at Harvard Business Review)

High times in brand land: It’s not just conventional firms that are tapping into branding principles. In cities like Portland where marijuana is now a legal product, new business owners are realizing that brand development is as central in the marijuana industry as it is any standard market. Worth a quick read to see that marketing is relevant no matter the product. (Read more at KGW)

Authenticity at Starbucks: In a recent interview with Forbes, former Starbucks president Howard Behar discusses the key branding element that he believes set the coffee company apart from competitors: remaining authentic as it expanded worldwide. He cites other companies he believes are also on the same track, from the CEO suite down. (Read more at Forbes)

Hotels become a city’s brand: In 1965, Tokyo joined the world stage as the host of the summer Olympics, celebrating an emergence from decades of conflict and war. One of the icons of that era is the celebrated Hotel Okura, which faces extensive renovations this year. In this piece, Japan Times explores the iconic hotel and how its design became its own brand, representing a classic era of the country’s history, and whether that brand is in jeopardy. (Read more at Japan Times)

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