Cardwell Beach’s Off-Site Brand Day

Every summer we practice what we preach and assess our own brand. We want to reach the next level quickly, so the focus for this year’s session was for the management team to align on a clear 10-week plan aimed at rapid transformation.

Cardwell Beach off-site marketing meeting group shot, Mercy College Dave Donars (right), Head of Research, leading a breakout session at the Cardwell Beach management off-site at Mercy College in Herald Square.

We know that marketing is what will propel us to the next level, and that even though we have the skills to execute it’s not always easy to prioritize the Cardwell Beach brand when we have paying clients. We also know that familiar environments bring on familiar thought patterns, so we had to work somewhere none of us felt comfortable.

We booked a space at Mercy College in Herald Square and got down to work. The day started with big-picture thinking and confirming alignment on mission, vision and culture, then gradually shifted toward the tactical focus that would yield the rapid results we were looking for.

Cardwell Beach off-site marketing meeting stairwell breakout session Mike Licther, Mark Cardwell and Monica Reccoppa (from left to right)) occupy the stairwell at Mercy College to sketch out some ideas.

We not only came out of the session energized and excited– that’s the easy part– we also came out with a clear set of plans to achieve the meaningful change that had energized us in the first place.So remember to balance the two sides to creating rapid transformation: create excitement and structure a plan to make sure that excitement is realized.


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