Dispatches by an Ad Intern Working Abroad #4: Berlin, Germany

Unfiltered dispatches by our vagabond intern, Andrew Santis, who is studying and working abroad.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin lit up at night. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is awe-inspiring!

Berlin is officially my favorite city in Germany.

I could end this blog entry at that sentence, but I’m sure you want to know why Berlin is my favorite German city. Well, I don’t want to rant about how great/beautiful/amazing Berlin was for hundreds and hundreds of words, so I’ll just highlight the best moments about my time in Germany’s capital city.

I guess the ideal place to start is at the Berlin Wall Memorial, which I visited on Sunday afternoon after unsuccessfully finding it on Saturday evening.

Berlin has the perfect combination of a modern city, culture, and history. Speaking of history, I never realized how permanent the history of the Berlin Wall is to the city of Berlin.
I have to admit that it has been tough to keep my focus in this city, but luckily after speaking with Brian about it, I am adjusting my schedule to get more sightseeing in here, and will shift my workload to another city later in the trip.

Below you’ll see some of the great photo opportunities I’ve had here. (From left to right: the amazing ceiling of the Berliner Dom in Berlin; me in front of the Berlin Wall, the Berliner Dom exterior, the Olympic Stadium, and another shot of the Berlin Wall)

The Berliner Dom in BerlinAndrew at the Berlin WallBerliner Dom ExteriorOlympic Stadium in BerlinBerlin Wall

See more photos of my journey on my Instagram account: https://instagram.com/andysanty94/

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