Listen To: Curation Strategies, Our Brains on Computers and the Birth of the Fortune Cookie

This week in our regular Listen To round-up of the best podcasts on marketing and business, we’re looking at three unique ideas, including how to grow your business by not talking about your business at all, the rise of computers and how they change the way we think and how a humble cookie helped Asian-Americans gain a foothold in the economy. Take a listen and learn something new.

Podcast: Moondog Marketing
Episode: A New Approach to Curation Marketing
British marketing executive Jon Buscall talks strategy in his monthly podcast. In this episode, he invites a team member from Publicate, a new curation app, to discuss whether businesses should incorporate curated content and information in email newsletters, and, if they choose to do so, best practices for not overwhelming subscribers.

Podcast: Invisibilia.
Episode: Our Computers, Ourselves
We all know that computers have had an immense impact on our productivity, our economy and even our social lives. But what if our use— and reliance on— computers is fundamentally changing who we are as people? That’s the question that NPR’s Invisibilia tackles in this recent episode, a must-hear for anyone listening on a smartphone.

Podcast: 99% Invisible
Episode: A Sweet Surprise Awaits You
This podcast on design (the “99% invisible” stuff that makes up our everyday lives, like cellphone noises and light bulbs) tackles that faux Asian treat invented here in America: the fortune cookie. In doing so, guests unveil the history of a simple dessert that represents ambitious marketing, cultural mix-ups and a desire to be accepted in America.

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