Listen To: Ethical Ad Blocking, Creative Side Projects and Why We Use Belts

Each week in this “Listen To” column, we round up the best audio interviews, conversations and stories that share insights into marketing and sales.

This week, we recommend:
Podcast: Note to Self
Episode: The Ad Blocker’s Dilemma
Each week, WNYC host Manoush Zomorodi explores a different facet of technology’s impact on our lives. In the aftermath of Apple’s decision to allow ad blocking apps on their mobile platform, Zomorodi interviews reporters and tech gurus on the unexpected ethical dilemmas that arise when blocking advertisements. Could ad blockers contribute to the demise of smaller websites and businesses? Will consumers enjoying a faster and cleaner web browsing experience notice?

Podcast: Being Boss
Episode: For Creatives Who Hate Selling
Two small business consultants host this podcast, which looks at business opportunities for creatives. In this episode, guest Jason Zook joins them to discuss his unorthodox marketing strategies— which have included selling his last name twice— and argues that creative professionals need side projects to stay happy and fulfilled. Zook’s embrace of the unexpected is a reminder of the power of differentiation in a crowded market.

Podcast: Freakonomics
Episode: How Did The Belt Win?
On this episode of the long-running podcast, an economist and a journalist ask why we still use the belt as an everyday item, even though it’s cumbersome, sometimes uncomfortable and not always user-friendly. The discussion ends up exploring why we take certain products or services largely for granted as they are, rather than making attempts to improve or refine them beyond their original design.

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