Listen To: Managing Uber’s Reputation, Starting Up In The Library and New Ideas for the Music Biz

Each week we curate some of the web’s best audio conversations, interviews and explorations of marketing, business and research insights. This week, we’re looking at startups: how they succeed, what happens when their reputations sink and how startup innovation is reaching the sometimes-tricky music business.
Podcast: The Awl Podcast
Episode: Uber
Master media prognosticator John Herman hosts this wide-ranging discussion about Uber, both the ride-sharing company itself and the verb it has spawned. Among the topics the panelists touch on are how many would-be customers are still alienated by Uber’s cutthroat reputation and pricing policies and whether the future will really consist of “the Uber of every industry” as so many have speculated. It’s a well-informed discussion between top journalists covering and commenting on the tech industry.

Podcast: Financial Times Podcasts
Episode: Episode 1: The Idea
Financial Times reporter Jonathan Moules begins his exploration of the startup world by asking company founders what motivated them to take the leap to start a new business. The mini-profiles he produces are fascinating portraits behind the scenes at startup firms. In his first episode, he speaks with the founder of a company that helps corporations manage their reputations about how he picked a neutral space to found his company and selected the industry in which he wanted to work.

Podcast: Music Weekly
Episode: How to make it in the music industry
If there is one industry where startup innovation has struggled to benefit creators, it is the music business. The traditional record label model continues to dominate the industry despite losing money to streaming music services, while the artists actually producing work often suffer diminishing returns on their investment of time and money. In the Guardian’s business podcast, musicians talk about how they are slowly bringing the startup mind-set back into the industry with cautiously optimistic results.

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