Listen To: Origin of the Big Box Store, Business Narratives and Artists at Work

Each week, we curate the best in audio interviews, insights and storytelling on topics relevant to business and marketing. Tune in for our weekly picks, which this week explore the growth of the big box store, the role of narrative in the business world and ways managers can nurture creative employees.

Podcast: Planet Money
Episode: The Anti-Store
How did Sam’s Club and Price Club (now Costco) dominate the big box market and change the way Americans shop? According to Planet Money, they stripped away the bells and whistles of the American shopping experience and actually made it harder. And Americans loved it.

Podcast: Marketing Over Coffee
Episode: Ron Ploof on Storytelling
Ron Ploof has made a career out of spinning stories about business, brands and products, and in this podcast he talks about new strategies he’s developed to help anyone come up with an effective narrative around their own business.

Podcast: HBR IdeaCast
Episode: Your Office’s Hidden Artists and How To Deal With Them
How should companies handle employees who pride themselves on an idiosyncratic and creative perspective? A UC Davis professor explores ways that companies can nurture creative-minded colleagues while ensuring they stay productive and on task.

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