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Tag: New York City

Spring 2015: The Golden Age of the Subway Ad

Ever stand in a packed rush hour subway car finding yourself captivated by an ad for…a mattress company? Thanks to artful hand-drawn illustrations, clever captions and a whimsical feel, online mattress start-up Casper manages to accomplish the unthinkable. They’re getting jaded New Yorkers to smile on their commute. They’re also getting us to consider replacing a rather […]

Cold outreach: Lessons Learned on the New York City Subway

I was on my way to lunch, sitting on New York City’s midtown 6 train. An oddly-dressed woman with a funny hat and a large backpack motioned for me to take my headphones off. Oh great, another one from the loony bin– pretend you don’t see her. She gave me a face that said, “you’re […]
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