The Ideal Way to Set Up a CRM

There are multiple stakeholders who need to get value from your CRM system. First, management needs visibility into the sales pipeline. Next, sales teams need to know how close their buyer is to making a purchase, and what they can do to get prospects to the finish line. Third, marketing needs a way to understand how to deliver a higher level of value to the sales team.

Most companies use CRM just to create management visibility into the pipeline. When they use CRM for just this purpose, they throw away a tremendous opportunity for marketing and sales to work closely together to close more deals. They also miss out on numerous opportunities to make the CRM an exciting part of the sales rep’s day, rather than a burden. And higher CRM engagement results in better, more timely visibility into pipeline.

Most sales reps don’t know when to use marketing content in the sales cycle. And the marketing team has no way to measure the effectiveness of what they are providing to sales.

Here are the ideal ways to set up your CRM for maximum sales engagement.

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