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Why Won't My Sales Reps Use CRM?

CRM is a fantastic tool. However, in many instances, companies find that sales reps view any CRM system as a burden. Why? Over the past few years, CRM’s primary use has evolved from helping sales reps improve their relationships with customers to helping senior management visualize and forecast revenue. This evolution has been unfortunate because […]

Aligning Your CRM to the Buyer's Process

Most CRM systems are structured from the seller’s perspective. They include milestones like “first meeting” or “proposal delivered.” While those are useful metrics for management to forecast pipeline revenue, they’re not particularly useful metrics for your sales reps, or more importantly for your customers. Here’s an example of where critical information slips through the cracks: […]

Did I Purchase a CRM or a Sales Methodology?

People talk about “getting on a new CRM” to solve the problem of disorganized or dysfunctional sales efforts. There is a common lack of awareness that when you’re buying a Customer Relationship Management tool, you’re usually not buying a sales process or methodology along with it. I would argue that’s the primary reason CRM implementations […]
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