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Building a Marketing Tech Roadmap: A Conversation with Mitch Rose, Senior VP of Marketing at Billtrust

With the multitude of marketing technology resources available moving toward 2016, a well-conceived roadmap has never been more crucial. Building a marketing technology stack from the growing number of options available—from 100 software choices back in 2011 to 1,876 and counting in 2015—means navigating a crowded landscape and harnessing ever-increasing amounts of data. What should […]

What Will Make Your Sales Reps Sound Smarter?

Here’s a loaded question: who do you trust more, someone unintelligent or someone who has a well-researched answer to every question? Sales are won by the reps that customers know, like and trust. In our personal lives, all of us can name plenty of acquaintances that we know and like, but we’d be slow to […]

QR Codes (a Marketer’s Lament)

No marketer has ever met a technological innovation he couldn’t ruin. Perhaps the best example is the QR code. Used for years in auto manufacturing in Japan, QR codes exploded with the rise of smartphones. Intelligent marketers saw an opportunity to drive people toward unique and focused online experiences; not-so-intelligent marketers saw an opportunity to […]

Why Won't My Sales Reps Use CRM?

CRM is a fantastic tool. However, in many instances, companies find that sales reps view any CRM system as a burden. Why? Over the past few years, CRM’s primary use has evolved from helping sales reps improve their relationships with customers to helping senior management visualize and forecast revenue. This evolution has been unfortunate because […]
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