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Tag: Value Proposition

Using marketing technology vs. being used by marketing technology

This week some of the most influential people in creative media, marketing, and advertising are all gathered together in one spot—Cannes—for the annual Cannes Lions festival. And just like every year, luminaries in the marketing and design fields share insights they’ve learned while working with brands large and small. We’ve been keeping an eye on […]

Gracefully degrading your work

There’s a web term you might not have heard before, although you would likely know it when you see it. It’s called graceful degradation, and it works like this: when you visit a website in a modern, standards-compliant web browser, you see all the bells and whistles, all the features, and all the elegant web […]

iPads are useless (but they were important)

Perhaps you remember the iPad launch of 2010? Though the idea of the tablet computer wasn’t new, Apple stamped its approval on the device by releasing their own version and instantly set the Internet abuzz. First came the jokes, then came the skepticism. Eventually, though, a third reaction appeared: cautious optimism. Perhaps this super-sized iPhone […]

Insight of the Week: When Hotel Chains Rebrand, Customers Respond

It’s time for the business trip to the annual conference, yet again. But this year, you’ve decided to do some comparison shopping to find the best hotel deal and save some money on expenses. Do you choose the stalwart hotel that has served you well in the past or the newly re-named property that was […]
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