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Tag: Innovation

How to Use Livestreaming As An Audience Growth Tool

With the rise of on-demand services, today’s consumers have learned to want more from brands, including rapid delivery, stellar service, and one-of-a-kind offerings at affordable prices. They have similarly high expectations for marketing, demanding creative, thoughtful, interactive and engaging campaigns worth their time. For brands looking to grow their audiences, how can they reach consumers […]

The Car as a Service: Why Renting, Not Owning, is the New Frontier

When the Smart Car first appeared in the US in 2008, it raised some questions, perhaps the biggest being: would Americans used to trucks, sports cars, and open highways drive such tiny vehicles? While European drivers had been using Smart Cars for years, the driving conditions in Europe—congested cities, high fuel costs, and relative proximity—are […]

Gracefully degrading your work

There’s a web term you might not have heard before, although you would likely know it when you see it. It’s called graceful degradation, and it works like this: when you visit a website in a modern, standards-compliant web browser, you see all the bells and whistles, all the features, and all the elegant web […]

Podcasts Are Underserved: An Update

Earlier this year, we looked into the ways that podcasts are a rarity in today’s digital media landscape: an underserved digital niche. Indeed, while it seems like every other form of digital media has a robust ecosystem supporting it—from the boom in streaming music services to the myriad outlets for digital video—podcasts remain the sometimes […]

iPads are useless (but they were important)

Perhaps you remember the iPad launch of 2010? Though the idea of the tablet computer wasn’t new, Apple stamped its approval on the device by releasing their own version and instantly set the Internet abuzz. First came the jokes, then came the skepticism. Eventually, though, a third reaction appeared: cautious optimism. Perhaps this super-sized iPhone […]
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