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Tag: Buyer Personas

Is Adversity the Business Model of the Future?

Traditionally, American culture has aspired towards the finer things in life, leisure time and luxury goods among them. But increasingly, basking in luxury is no longer top priority for a growing class of consumers. These happiness hunters are looking away from consumer goods and towards a less quantifiable asset: a sense of accomplishment from overcoming […]

Your Innovation Problems Start With Your Haircut

I should clarify something before we get started: I’m not talking about your actual haircut, which I’m sure is stylish. Instead, I’m talking about the experience of getting your hair cut—especially your interactions with the person who is doing the cutting. Let me explain. As a CMO and sales executive, I talk to people all […]

20 Minutes With…Shannon Eis, VP of Corporate Communications, Yelp

For users around the country (and increasingly across the globe), Yelp is an indispensable resource for finding places to eat and people to hire for a variety of services. We sat down with Shannon Eis, Yelp’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, to talk about the company’s commitment to its users and how that support extends […]
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