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Tag: Opinion

A Reminder of Core Values From Pope Francis

In midtown Manhattan, there are all kinds of famous faces staring out over the skyline— models hawking handbags, actors selling watches, personalities promoting shows. But now there’s a new, decidedly less commercial visage among them: the smiling face of the pope. Painters are wrapping up a wall-size portrait on the eve of Pope Francis’ visit […]

A Brand's True Colors: Thoughts on Spotify's New Green

Music streaming service Spotify is currently experiencing a backlash against their app icon’s slightly altered shade of green. With consumers using words such as “angry” “confused” and “crazy” to describe the change, it’s worth taking a closer look at color strategy in branding and design. Color plays an even larger role in consumers’ immediate perception […]


When I think of the word Marketing it often reminds me of the sea. The three most important letters of the word are unassumingly tacked onto the end: ING. When many people speak (and I would assume, think) about marketing, they speak like it happens at a moment in time. It is viewed as something […]

3 Things Traditional Agencies (Still) Don't Get About Digital

Stop Killing Time StumbleUpon came and went. Time-wasting websites and apps are on par with logo-emblazoned pens. There may have been a period in the early 2000s where people wanted to use the internet just for the sake of using it, but that’s over. People are super busy now, so give them something that makes […]

Addicted to Relationships

I was writing the resignation email for an executive networking group that drives about 10% of our annual revenue when the phone rang. It was a new lead referred by the group. The lead sounded promising, so I took down the info and thanked my contact. The conflict that I thought I had settled suddenly […]
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